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West End Gourmet Tour: Exploring Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District

Most of us know the Danish capital as the place to go for open-faced sandwiches, herring, and molecular gastronomy. But, steeped in history, and bursting with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, Copenhagen is a fertile playground for culinary creatives, curious cooks, and the just plain hungry.  But for those of us with limited time and money, and […]

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London’s Borough Market

While London is a good food city, it is a big city, and the pace and layout of the central core can often make you feel pressed for food buying options in terms of quality, if not quantity. That’s why wandering into Borough Market, in the very heart of things, is such a treat. It […]

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La Cuisine Paris’ Evening Market Tour & Cooking Class: Marche Baudoyer, Wine, Cheese, Fresh Fish, and Seasonal Ingredients

  Whether you’ve spent your day toiling in an office or wandering through museums and shops, once you step off the Metro in “your” neighborhood in Paris few things are as comforting as a familiar open-air market, offering a sense of community, friendship, and all of the fresh ingredients necessary to create a meal for you and yours […]

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Promenades Gourmandes Gourmet Food Tours & Cooking Classes in the Culinary Heart of Paris

When you sign up for a cooking class in Paris you may have visions of quietly strolling through bustling streets lined with food shops, chatting with a friend as you knowledgeably select just the right ingredients for a meal you’ll prepare yourselves in an intimate, but exquisitely appointed, Parisian kitchen.  And with Paule Caillat’s Promenades […]

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