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The Limerick Milk Market: Big Top Fun in the West of Ireland

Afew blocks off the River Shannon and several centuries out of step with nearby King John’s Castle, a big white tent stands tall and proud in the heart of Limerick.  The Milk Market, open most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout the year offers visitors a broad selection of fresh local and regional produce, meats, cheeses, […]

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This Cider House Rules: Craft Cider Making in Dublin

While craft and artisanal food production (brewing, cheesemaking, etc.) have become all the rage, it’s refreshing to meet someone who embraces the small batch process not for its cache, but for the work itself. And David Llewellyn of Lllewellyns Orchards north of Dublin seems to be just such a person.  His one-day cider making course […]

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