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Paella Pans in Valencia, Spain

Making the perfect paella is a bit like conducting a symphony.  You bring together the best of ingredients and use each to its fullest potential.  But, just as you wouldn’t listen to the London Philharmonic in a hall that drowned out their sound, making the perfect paella begins with having the right pan.  And, broadly […]

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Perfect Paella Rice in Valencia, Spain

I n Valencia, Spain, the ancestral home of paella, rice is a hotly contested topic.  Whether they stand behind Bomba, the popular and well-known paella rice, or favor Albufera or another of the local varieties, Valencianos have very definite thoughts about paella rice, and how it should react to broth, and in the pan, while […]

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Paella Class & Central Market Tour in Valencia, Spain

While paella is eaten throughout Spain, Valencia on the eastern coast is widely acknowledged as the ancestral home of the spicy smoky, meat-filled rice dish that, when done right, makes a stunning centerpiece for a table surrounded by friends and family. And, in Valencia, there’s no better place to learn the ropes of paella making […]

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